I call them Enquiry Interviews.
A strange name? 

A kind of an interview where I ask the same four basic questions to people who have given life, reality and existence a lot of consideration.

Starting with the question "Who are you", which is commonly associated with Self Enquiry.

The four questions are inspired by the Enlightenment intensive technique, developed by Charles and Ava Berner in the 1960s.

Making these Enquiry Interviews has been of great value to me, hope it is for you too.

Much love from Erik ❤️

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Betty Guadagno

Mary Ann Winiger

Adam Miceli


Sunny Sharma

Harri Valkonen-Moisei

Francis Lucille


Deva Sakshi

Anna Brown



Magdi Badawy

Roger Castillo

Prem Shanti

Richard Lang

Eric Baret